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We provide our clients with qualified assistance during product development and support

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Full Testing Cycle

High quality of a product can be guaranteed only by verifying it very accurately. Our team can provide full range of test services. Mobile testing will be performed on most popular iOs and Android devices (tablets and phones), and Windows mobile if needed. Desktop applications and Web services will be verified on any required OS and browser.

Test Process Optimization

To guarantee product quality, it should be verified very clearly. But it require a lot of time and resources, and you still getting issues from production that costs a lot to fix. We can help you to solve this problem. Our optimized approaches to testing process will allow you to increase product quality, reduce overall testing time and number of issues from production. As result you will get valuable profit and great product quality.
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Desktop, Web and Mobile testing
Requirements testing
Functional testing
Usability testing
Configuration testing
Localization / translation testing
First, we analyze existing test process of a company and define its weaknesses. Then, based on research results, we make suggestions about optimization and reorganization of testing strategies. Implementation of new test processes is essential part of our activities in this case.

Cooperation offer

QAX company suggests you three main cooperation options:

Fixed Price

With this approach we define with you a project testing scope, discuss all specifications, testing environments and other details. Then we agree project verification cost and deadline. The option will be more suitable for you, if there is no big amount of objects to test at current project stage.


You can perform short-term project without involving QA for a full-work day. It will save your money.
You can smooth test load peaks with our outsource QA. As result there is no need for you to have many QA staff or hire/fire additional QA resources.

Time & Material

"Time & Material” model is the most suitable, when it’s hard or impossible to estimate the project testing scope and terms. Only actual QA spent time will costs with this model. Such services are paid on a monthly basis or after the work is finished in case if the cooperation terms are not more than a month, and you receive comprehensive reports on the progress, as well as statements of the time-consuming.


You can minimize your product costs, by minimize QA expenses.
You will not pay for sick, vacation or tea-breaks, only actual working hours should be paid.


If you have few projects or / and long terms cooperation plans with our company, then we can provide you a QA team (including QA Team lead , if needed). With this model, we assign QA sources, based on your requirements. In future, you can change number of QA(s), depending of test load.


This is the easiest way to plan your budget. You just hire the number of QA you will need for your project.
You will always have a professional QA staff in state, without need to search, interview, train QAs and rent office. Also you can easily reduce or increase number of QA(s) depending of test load on you project. That way you can minimize your product costs.
A team accumulates knowledge about your products and processes and requires less time expenses.
A team can carry out multiple projects simultaneously, you are able to change the priority of tasks, stop tasks and assign new tasks.


Confidence is one of the most important principles of our company. We can guarantee full confidence and security for any information that will be provided to us from our clients.



Our company is located in Kiev, Ukraine. For many years we provide a lot of QA/QC services to different clients as outsource. We have impressive experience in work with countries such as Canada, USA, Great Britain, Sweden, Poland, Malta, India, and others… We can set and apply effective communication process with our client regardless of time difference.


Our Support

Do you need help to decide which model is more convenient for your project? Please contact our managers and they will help you to find the best solution. For more convenient and based on your suggestions, all cooperation conditions can be additionally reviewed and changed, to provide maximum efficiency.
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About Us

IT world evolves very fast, that’s why each of existing companies needs to update its product regularly to stay on wave. Winning in competition is really important, so quality of a product should be the best! And we will be glad to assist you with this. Years of experience will help us.

Our purpose is to evolve with you! You have a new interesting startup, some modifications, updates or re-work, and you are not sure in your product quality - then you’ve come to the right place! Each of our clients and projects won't stay without attention and will be accurately verified.

about us
about us
Our specialists are experts with more than 5 years of experience and great practice. Each of us has been working for a long period of time in IT product and outsource companies.
We are always heads up with all new test approaches and worldwide trends in IT development, so we apply only best practices to our clients.
Product Quality has the highest priority for us. So we do our best to satisfy our сlients and customers! During the work we use most popular and effective test approaches and testing tools, so verification process becomes really clear and qualitative. As result we achieve required quality level in shortest terms.

Why us

We are a proud team of QA's. It's our philosophy and way of life.
We provide full QA support during product lifecycle and our customers know we are the best place to find QA resources.
Within the QA space we have many team leads and managers who have worked on a wide range of successful products. Most team members have between 3 and 12 years of experience.
We have a lot of work experience with Agile and Waterfall development methodologies.
We can develop and provide full test documentation to you to improve your product.
QAX is a professional Quality Assurance and Quality Control team

Cooperation Procedure

You provide us with necessary information for test execution (requirements, URL for test environment, accounts, test results estimates, documentation, etc.). Right away we start verification process.

In same time, we communicate with you to find all additional information will need, provide full scope of tests with test plan and costs. We report issues right away they were found in any form will be required (bug tracking system or else).

All fixed issues will be verified with necessary regression. After verification process completed, you will be provided with test report, that includes bug report and full test documentation was used.

cooperation procedure
cooperation procedure Tablet
Non Disclosure

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